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Abraham, John28c27.8c4
Abrams, David18c17.8c3
Adams, Christopher13c13.3c3
Ainsworth, Alec 30c29.8c5
Allard, Andrew  8cAWAY2
Allard, Nick21cAWAY4
Allott, Chris21c21.2c4
Altoft, Jim15c15.2c3
Anderson, Alan  5c4.7c1
Andrew, Lewis  5c5.4c1
Annis, David14c14.3c3
Ashmore, David21c21.2c4
Atkinson, Michael28c27.9c4
Auckland, Andrew  7c6.9c2
Austen, Colin15c14.7c3
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Monday 27th January all 18 holes in play main tees and greens. All bunkers in play unless marked GUR after last night's rain buggies are not permitted today . Please adhere to white lines and ropes. Thankyou